Your best learning style

Did you know, that there are three main ways that your mind can work and four main styles of learning?

The video - walks you through different ways of learning - you can see, hear, feel, and record - and learn - in the best way for you - so you can create all your dreams!

Maybe you are visual and see images as thoughts? Or are you aural - and listening to a voice when you’re thinking? Or are you kinaesthetic - which means that you learn best through knowing, feeling or doing? Additionally, are you like some other people, who learn best when they’re reading and writing?

Reflect now on your preferred learning style - or, how you best or most easily are able to take in information and learn. Do you know?

  • Are you Visual? Do you ‘see things’ in your mind? Then, you could Watch the videos and read what I’ve written.
  • Are you Aural? Do you ‘hear things’ when you’re thinking? Then you could Listen to the videos and read aloud what I’ve written as you listen to yourself saying it.
  • Are you Kinaesthetic? Do you ‘feel, do, and know’ - in order to understand? Then you could dance or ride a bike while listening, or Move about the room while reading, to allow you to ‘learn with your body’.
  • Do you learn best by Reading and Writing? In this case, you could read the text, watch the videos and Take Notes about them.

Write a few notes in your journal now, about how you feel you best like to learn, and how you will work with the course.

The video - talks you through learning styles and helps you identify which is most effective for you - so that you can make the most of the course - and make your dreams come true!