3 Get congruent...

Inner Conflicts can block your manifestation!

Those same four parts of you (your ‘Gift Characters’) that you worked with in Section 1. Identify your Dream - can be responsible for blocking and saying ‘no’ to your desired manifestation - blocking your dream!

The video gives some insights into how your conflicted ‘inner world’ can be blocking your manifestation progress - and what to do about it - so you can manifest your dreams!

After watching the video, complete this insightful quiz that is specially designed to help you start to uncover - and release - any inner conflicts that block your desired intention manifesting - so you can release them to allow your dream to easily happen.


Quiz - Who’s the naysayer slaying your dreams?

Did you find it hard to connect to the different parts of yourself? If so, listen to The Gift, below - then re-do the quiz above.

The Gift - Meeting and Bringing Together Parts of Yourself by Jelila

Note: The concept of the four characters within you - doing, feeling, playful, and wise is proprietary, and is a part of Jelila’s teachings and book, ‘The Gift of Harmony’ 💝