5 Feel you have it already

Feeeeeeel you have it already!

Get excited! Feel the feeling of your intention arriving.

Feeeel! that you have it already! This tricks or convinces the universe that it’s happening - that you do in fact have it, now - and it will cause it to manifest.

Most people have quite a lot of trouble in actually - feeling. What you think of as feeling - may in fact be - thinking about feeling - which is not, in fact feeling it! It is ‘thinking’. And feeling it - is essential, for your dream to manifest.

That’s why the first video is there to help you learn the difference between ‘thinking’ and ‘feeling’ - and to teach you how to feeeeel - an essential step in using ‘The Law of Attraction’ - which is what this course is all about - to manifest your dreams!

Video 1 - How to Feel it! - Feeling is an essential skill for manifesting - because the language of the universe is feeling - not thinking! In this video I go in some depth into how to feel. I’m actually going to show you how to feel, because I’ve noticed that most people are really not - feeling! You might be thinking about feeling - but it’s not actually feeling. Learn how to feel - here - so you can talk to the universe - in the language it understands - feeling - and create your dreams!

To manifest your intentions you absolutely must be able to feel the feeling of having it already so please pay attention to this video and practice the exercise I’m giving you - it is absolutely crucial to creating your dreams!

Video 2 - Feel it! - Here I’m showing you how to put what you learned in video 1 into practise - feeling in order to attract your intention. Now that you know the difference between feeling and thinking, you can feeel the feelings that having your dream (now!) brings - as if it’s already here! Yum! The excitement! The joy! The delight!

Feel it - now!

Feeeel that dream happening all around you now! This sends out the vibe that your dream is ‘already here’, galvanises the universe into feeling and believing it too - and makes your dream happen!


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