10 Deep Negative Beliefs

Deep Negative Beliefs - can Block your Dreams!

Deep negative beliefs standing in the way of your dreams can be tricky to uncover - as they can exist in many areas related to your intention, and of course, your intention can be on any topic, so it’s rather variable.

Your sub-conscious negative beliefs are, by their very nature ‘hidden’ from your conscious mind, residing in unknown, sub-conscious areas, so you cannot ‘know what they are’ without using a process such as The Reprogramming (more info below) to help you access them - so they can be released. Clearing these ‘hidden blocks’ can help your dream happen.

However, you can identify major and obvious beliefs that can block your success, and release these for yourself, in a simple exercise that I’ve created called ‘laundry lists’.

Like it sounds - ‘Laundry Lists’ lets you reach, cleanse, and release, negative sub-conscious beliefs around a particular topic area.

You can read about Jelila’s laundry list exercise in this book, available on Amazon and Kindle:

The Reprogramming - book - by Jelila

And - if your manifestation still seems blocked, feel free to send me an email - maybe I can send a few suggestions, or if you need help with manifesting your dream directly, in an individual Reprogramming session, we can set that up online.

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