11 Even more mastery

Thank-you for following this course - I hope you enjoyed doing it as much as I enjoyed creating it - and that it helps you continue to manifest your dreams!

The video - To finish off - here’s an example of one of my own intention requests to the universe - it’s in the form of a song, where I’m modelling how to use The Law of Attraction for you - while requesting one of my desires. No reason why you couldn’t make a little song out of one of your intentions, also!

There’s always more to learn - at my website - www.jelila.com

There’s always more to learn

If you’d like to discover and release hidden negative and belief blocks for yourself, that could be blocking your manifestation mastery, you might like to try my books ‘The Reprogramming, I and II’. They’re available on Amazon and Kindle, and describe various examples of blocks and how to release them for yourself.

You’ll also find some powerful and supportive tools for manifestation and healing, on my ‘Self-Healing’ MP3 set.

Self-Healing MP3 Set, by Jelila

More info: www.jelila.com