6 Be patient and steady

Be ‘patient and steady’.

A ‘watched pot never boils’. If you are on the universe’s case every 5 seconds, checking to see ‘did it happen yet?’ you will block your manifestation - by putting out a vibe of ‘I’m not sure if it’s happened’. Whereas - you are supposed to be putting out the vibe of ‘having it already - feeling you have it already’ as described in the previous step. So that’s a no-no - you are blocking your dream from manifesting - instead of creating your dream!

Things take time - energies form. Everything has its process - including you - and including other people. Often, what you are asking for, requires a much bigger change than you realise - in you, in others, in your situation and in what you, or they, must learn, or in, how things must change, in order for the intention to manifest.

To stop you from obsessing over ‘what’s happening?’, which will, as I say, entirely block it, I highly recommend that you find something else to focus on. I think the best thing to focus on is creating another intention. You will find that if you have a few intentions on the boil, that you’ve created then it takes the pressure off the one. Whereas, if there’s only one, you may focus on it much too much - which will tend to block it.

Come up with another intention now - go through the quizzes in this course and repeat the process of honing it down and writing it properly - until you have at least three intentions ready.

This will take the pressure off so that they can manifest - so your dreams can happen!