7 Then take action!

Then Take Action!

Action talks! Taking an action is the last stage of manifesting your intention. It puts a stamp of reality onto your intention and tells the universe that it’s already happening! The universe is then galvanized into action and will rush to catch up and make your intention come into reality.

The video - talks you through the ‘action step’ needed, to make your dream a reality!

What kind of action? Anything really - even a small action, for example to look up the phone number to call to get more information. Or to look up the website for job-hunting.

The best actions, though, directly link to your Desired End Result or ‘DER’ - for example - you buy riding gloves to use with your desired new motorcycle, or you buy a large mixer to use in your (as yet unbuilt) bakery.

These early actions may seem ‘a bit previous’ - a bit like ‘putting the cart before the horse’ - but they are great - because they declare to the universe - and to you - that ‘your goal is now happening’. They activate the universe to respond to your goal.

Without taking such a symbolic yet real action, your intention won’t manifest, so be sure you don’t miss this important step - so your dream can happen!