Copy of 9 Reasons why intentions don’t manifest

In the video, I talk you through the 9 reasons why your dreams don’t manifest, and tell you the steps to take to fix that - so your dream can happen!

Here are 9 reasons why your dreams don’t manifest:

  1. It’s not clear or specific enough - section 1
  2. You didn’t word it right - section 2
  3. You didn’t get congruent - 1 or more parts of you don’t want it - section 3
  4. You didn’t ‘let go’ - section 4
  5. You didnt feeeel you have it already - section 5
  6. You’re not being ‘patient and steady’ It is manifesting - it just needs more t i m e - section 6
  7. You didn’t take an action to kick it off - section 7
  8. You have negative beliefs standing in the way - like ‘rich people aren’t safe’ - see section 10, and below...
  9. It is against ‘highest good’ - section 2

Number 8 - Negative Beliefs - is a bit more complicated, as these can cover a range of different areas - as it’s a big topic, I haven’t covered it fully within the scope of this course - however there are some things you can do yourself to release these - and there is some support that I can give you - please see section 10 - Deep Negative Beliefs to find out more about releasing these, so your goals can happen!

Here’s a reminder for you:

And - feeling it! - Remember that too!

~Ask, let go, feel you have it already, be patient and steady - then take action!