1 Identify your dream...

Why is it that working out what you want - getting it clear - isn’t always as easy as it sounds? Why is it so difficult?

The video explains how four different parts of you - I call them your ‘Gift Characters’ - that you may only be vaguely aware of - may all want different things - and are all pulling you in different directions, and causing conflict, and a lack of clarity, within you. The video explains what may be the root cause of your conflict - and how to work with that - so your dreams can come true!

To help you explore what’s really going on within you, and why your dreams may not be manifesting - here’s an insightful quiz that will help you explore - and resolve - the conflicts among four different parts of yourself, to help you more easily reach clarity. The quiz is a transformation process that you can use every time you want to set a goal. Good luck!


What’s your True Direction? - Quiz - Define your Dream!

After doing the quiz, you’ll be guided to listen to ‘Goldensong’ - special healing music that guides you to bring your vision together in 4 key areas and will help you become even more clear.

Here’s the link for Goldensong, so you can come back here to refer to it anytime:

Goldensong - Vision and Expansion Healing Music by Jelila

The video talks you through how to get clear on what your dream should be - the quintessential first step to manifesting your dreams!

Did you find it hard to connect to the different parts of yourself? If so, listen to The Gift, below - then re-do the quiz above.

The Gift - Meeting and Bringing Together Parts of Yourself by Jelila

Note: The concept of the four characters within you - doing, feeling, playful, and wise is proprietary, and is a part of Jelila’s teachings and book, ‘The Gift of Harmony’ (c) Jelila 2004, All Rights Reserved. 💝