2 Ask - so the universe listens

Do you ask for your intentions in the right way - so that the universe can respond to you? Or are you accidentally saying it in the wrong way - attracting problems, drama - even, disasters?

The first video highlights the main points, and these and a few more are written below so you can begin to master ‘universal language’ - the ‘language of the universe’ - to successfully build your dreams!

EVERYTHING you say, feel, think, say, and do - is ‘your intention’! A common mistake is to think you can put out any kind of vibe you want, every day - and then, that the universe will manifest only the ‘intentions’ that you carefully write down and think about! This is incorrect! The universe is manifesting ALL of it. So vigilance, or mindfulness about what comes out of your mouth, is very worthwhile - even - essential! The first video explains this - so you can get in control of your ‘universal language’ and generate a universe that creates your dreams!!

Now - let’s get into the wording:

The words you use when you ask for your intention to manifest are crucial!

A mistake here can:

  • manifest the wrong thing
  • not manifest anything at all
  • create a lot of problems and process but no ‘desired results’ - ie just create more work or trouble for you!

So pay attention, learn the important key tips - and carefully craft intentions that correctly specify exactly what you want - so your dreams can happen!

(If you’re not sure exactly what you want - then please go and retake section 1 - until you get that really clear. You cannot craft intentions if the goal is at all unclear.)

Here are the main tips:

1 It’s in the Now

It’s in the now - use words like ‘I now have...’

2 No ‘will, want, or try’

Avoid: I will, I want, I’m trying, I need, always, never

  • ‘I will’ - is in the future - so it doesn’t manifest. The future - isn’t now.
  • ‘I want’ demonstrates that you do not have it and creates not having it
  • ‘I’m trying’ demonstrates that you are on a journey towards having it so therefore you do not now have it - it creates not having it, and it will also create a ‘trying time’ for you (is that what you really want? I think not!) ‘Trying is lying’ - is a good way to remember this one.
  • The third video - explains why ‘Trying is Lying’.
  • all of these create not having it!
  • Instead consider using ‘I now create’, ‘I now have’
  • Also avoid ‘always’ and ‘never’ these last over lifetimes and can create curses - Avoid!

3 Avoid ‘working on it’

  • SayingI’m working on my relationship’ creates just that - work, and no progress
  • The universe is not going to assume anything from what you say. It listens literally.
  • ’Working on getting a new job’ - creates work, lots of interviews, but no... job.
  • ’Working at saving money’ - creates working, but not saving any money.
  • Working on it’ creates process but no - results

4 Specify the Desired End Result or ‘DER...’

  • Do not specify steps towards the goal (unless that is what you truly want!) For example, if your goal is ‘dating’ it creates just that. Dating. Lots of dates. However - if your true desired end result is ‘have an ideal life partner’ - then say so!
  • Specify the Desired End Result not the steps to get it or you will indeed be saying ‘der...’ later

Examples that will work:

  • I now have a beautiful 1200 sq foot house that I love, in the Hollywood hills
  • I now have a happy, constructive relationship with my mother-in-law Pamela
  • I now have a wonderful job as an architect in Paris, France earning Euros 180,000 per year

The successful examples are:

  • Precise and unambiguous
  • Stated in the ‘now’ - so they can manifest - ‘now’
  • Directly focused on the desired outcome

Examples that will not work:

  • I want a beautiful large house in California (‘want’ doesn’t ‘have’. What is ‘beautiful’? How big is ‘large’? Where in California? Anywhere?)
  • I need a better relationship with Pamela (‘Need’ doesn’t mean ‘have’. Better than what? Better in what way? Who’s Pamela?)
  • I’m working on finding a job in Europe (‘Working on’ doesn’t mean ‘having it’. Any job? Street cleaner? Anywhere at all in Europe?)

The unsuccessful examples are:

  • Not clear enough - much too vague
  • Focus on creating process - not results
  • State that you do not have the thing - so it will not manifest

When wording your requests to the universe - imagine it as a helpful force that loves you but doesn't know you. The universe doesn't therefore 'know' what your idea of 'beautiful' or 'large' is. Those concepts are very personal to you! Imagine you're writing your requests as when you write your résumé or CV to a company - you spell it out - you do not assume that they 'just know you'. It’s like that.

Smart Intentions - You can read about ‘Smart’ goals or intentions on the internet - or maybe you know that term already from work? It’s a mnemonic that encapsulates the concept that goals should be: Specific, Measurable (ie - you can quantify them - ie ‘1200 square metres’ not ‘large’), Achievable (reasonably within your reach), Realistic (ie - somewhat grounded in reality!) and Time-based (so we know - ‘when’ by’). It’s a useful guide to use when setting your intentions also - and can help you get it clear - so your dream can manifest!

5 Highest Good

Intentions that wish harm on others are not in your own interest, and are highly likely to backfire - on you. Because, you are then ‘focusing on what you don’t want!’ - ‘Praying for what you don’t want!’ - and that’s what you’ll get!

Instead - get clear on what you do want - and manifest that!

Your intentions should be made with this on the end of each one: ‘gently, easily and quickly and in the highest good of all concerned’. This catch-all prevents mistakes from happening - for example it prevents someone else being harmed in order for your intention to manifest. It is very very good idea and I highly recommend you use this on all your intentions, as I do on mine.

The second video explains the need to avoid ‘conditional intentions’ - worded like ‘if I get a. then I can have b.’ Avoid these - they do not work - so you can also avoid feeling stuck, frustrated, unhappy - and unable to create what you want - and instead, enjoy feeling energised, confident, and happy, as your dreams manifest!

Here’s a form to use, when creating your intentions and using this course. Just fill it in, in your own way.


  • It’s in the now (‘I now have...’)
  • It is specific and clear, non-ambiguous
  • No: will, want, need
  • No: always, never
  • No: ‘working on’
  • No: ‘Trying’ (‘Trying is Lying‘)
  • No: Conditional Clauses (I need to get a. to have b.)
  • It’s in ‘Highest Good’

The fourth video - in this you can follow along and watch me, writing some of my own intentions.


When creating intentions, listen to these healing music tracks which are specially designed to help you manifest your dreams:

The Law of Attraction - Manifest your Dreams - by Jelila

I Wonder How - Magical Manifestation Journey - by Jelila