Steps to your success

Recommendation - do the whole course, before asking the universe for any manifestation requests. There’s more to this than you might think!

In this course, you’re going to learn how to use, and apply, all the steps of ‘The Law of Attraction’ - the ‘universal law’ that manifests all things.

...If you think ‘I already know that!’ - then - hang on, just a moment...

There are no exceptions to this ‘universal law’ - everything is under it - so if your ‘intentions don’t manifest’ - or if they ‘sometimes don’t happen’ - it does not mean that ‘The Law of Attraction isn’t working’. That’s not possible!

It means - that you don’t fully know how to use the law properly, or are making some common mistakes that are blocking your dreams from manifesting properly - or even - accidentally manifesting problems or drama you don’t want!

In this course, as you discover what your blocks and misunderstandings have been - you’ll learn how to make your dreams come true!

In the video - as an introduction, you’ll hear me singing an excerpt from my song ‘The Law of Attraction’ - summarising the 5 steps, which are:

  • Ask
  • Let Go
  • Feel you have it already
  • Be patient and steady
  • Then - take action!

You can hear the full song ‘The Law of Attraction’ at the link below, it guides you in how to use The Law of Attraction - and it is also programmed to help you ‘manifest your highest good’ (ie - what is best for you) so it’s great to play at home or at work, to help you attract positivity, opportunity, luck, expansion, and wealth.

The Law of Attraction - Manifest your Dreams! by Jelila

Course Summary - Here are the 6 sections of the course, the powerful things you’ll learn to help you create your dreams:

1 Identify your dream

In this section you’ll discover how to get crystal clear on what you really want - so that you know what you want to manifest. You’ll ensure all parts of you are on-side - so there are no self-destructive tendencies getting in the way - so your dream can happen!

2 Ask - so the Universe listens

You’ll learn how to get your language exactly right, so that the universe listens to you - and correctly responds to your goal - so your dream can come true.

Learn some very common (and serious!) pitfalls to avoid, that create problems and block your desired outcome - and learn how to create effectively worded intentions that really work, so your dream manifests.

3 Get congruent

In this section, you will learn how to uncover and blast out any blocks or inner conflicts standing in the way of your successful manifestation - and learn how to do that for yourself each time you want to manifest something new.

4 Let go

In this section, you learn how to feel - essential for putting out the success vibe that attracts and manifests your dreams! And - essential for enjoying the pleasure - of your success!

5 Feel you have it already

In this section, you’ll learn how to feel, and also, how to put out a positive feeling - a ‘yes!’ Vibe - so your dream can manifest.

6 Be patient and steady

Learn how to relax - so you don’t block your dream - so your desired dream can happen!

7 Then Take Action!

The Universe needs a catalyst to make your manifestation happen! You must ‘meet it halfway’ - by taking an action. You’ll learn how to kick-start the universe, powerfully and well, in this section.

8 Enjoy your Success and Be Grateful

There’s no point manifesting a wonderful dream if you forget to enjoy it! In this section, you’ll learn to take pleasure in your creation and acknowledge your successes, before you move on.


9 Reasons why intentions don’t manifest

Find out why your intentions don’t manifest, and be directed back to the right sections of the course so you can fix that - so your dreams can manifest!

10 Deep Negative Beliefs

Discover how deep negative sub-conscious beliefs can be an advanced reason for why your intention doesn’t manifest - and get tips for how to release them, so your dreams can happen!


11 Even More Mastery!

There’s always more to learn - get access to more wisdom, so you can manifest all your dreams and desires - for your happy life!

12 My Magical Manifestations

A light-hearted look at some amazing instant manifestations that have hppened for me - to inspire you!

Dive in to the course where you want - or do it step-by-step - you can use section 9 - Reasons why... to identify problem areas and be guided to the next section to do. I suggest every time you come back to the course, you review what you learned last time - to fix it in your mind. Then move forward with the next step.

Note: The song lyric excerpted above from The Law of Attraction by Jelila: ‘ask, let go, feel you have it already, be patient and steady, then take action’ is (c) Jelila 2004, All Rights Reserved.