4 Let go..

Let go...

Can you ‘let go’ of your desired manifestation? It’s an essential step - think of it as being like ‘launching your paper boat into the golden stream - of life’. If you don’t let it go - how can it launch?

Having the right attitude is vital to your manifestation succeeding. - so that your dream can happen!

The video explains some easy ways to get into the right mindset and ‘let go’ so that your dream can happen!

You need to have a relaxed ‘don’t really care about whether it happens or not’ kind of attitude towards your dream. You need to have a touch of nonchalance about you.

To get that - with your carefully crafted written intention in front of you - just say ‘whatevver!’, shrugging your shoulders nonchalently - declare to yourself ‘it doesn’t really matter - I don’t really mind if it happens, or not...’

Another thing you can do, to get into the right mindset is - just imagine what will happen if it doesn’t happen. Think - ‘well, you know - if I don’t get a new boyfriend then - whatever!’ Or ‘if I don’t get a fantastic new job then - I’ll do something else - whatever! It’ll be Ok...’

And that’s the right kind of attitude to have. Not really bothered either way.

In the video, I’ll talk you through how to ‘let go’ - so your dream can manifest - and you can get what you want.