8 Enjoy your success and be grateful

Enjoy your success and be grateful...

It’s important to appreciate and enjoy your success - to enjoy and appreciate the gifts that the universe gives to you. This encourages the universe to give you more!

Imagine if you did somebody a favour - you went out of your way to help them and give them something that they needed or wanted - and then that person just ignored the fact that you helped them and never even said thank-you, or gave you any appreciation.

Would you want to help them again? I think - not?

The universe is the same way. Think of the universe as being like a kind person who wants to give to you, that you’re having a relationship with. Put out the vibe, the feeling of gratitude and appreciation for what has been given to you - even before you receive it - for it to be easily given to you.

For example - Whenever I send an email to a support person from an online company asking for their help with something - my first words are usually ‘thank-you for the wonderful service that you provide...’ This calls into being my requirements, and makes it very difficult for them to do anything other than - provide great service. It’s The Law of Attraction - you get what you ask for - or - you get what you choose to state is true for you.

Conversely, consider a grumpy mean, and ungrateful person that you know, or have met, and notice - did their attitude make you feel like giving to them? Did you want to give them more? I suspect - not! Notice how their unappreciative behaviour closed the channel for you to want to give them anything.

The universe is the same way - it won’t want to give to you if you are grumpy and unappreciative. It will naturally open and want to give more to you if you are grateful and full of joy, at what you are receiving.

Do not! Wail at me ‘but that isn’t how it really is!’ Get over the need to be ‘true and accurate and honest at all times’ - and note - that it is only your perception that ‘things are awful’ - that is making it that way. So - ‘your perception’ might be ‘true’ - but it’s only true - for you - so ask yourself - ‘is that what I really want?’ Get over your resistance to ‘lying’ and get into ‘faking it til you make it!’ It is essential to be able to do that - to kind of ‘trick’ the universe into believing that what you desire IS happening - so your dreams can manifest!

Further, it makes sense to enjoy what you create. When you have succeeded in manifesting one of your goals - celebrate! Spend some time feeling your feelings - feeling pleasure, satisfaction, joy, ecstasy, delight, warmth and so on. For otherwise - what was the point of doing it? Enjoy your success - don’t just rush straight forward into the next creation or goal! Take a while to savour your success, and really enjoy it!